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App dedicated to help pet friendly people and interact with folks from around the world.

Meet PetDate.

The app for a pet friendly world

App dedicated to help pet friendly people and interact with folks from around the world.

For Iphone.

We developed an app easy to use and fun.

For android.

We have take care for details and we are always thinking of improve your experience.

Local owners.

Our pet friendly map will help your potencial custumers to see your place and meet there, if you are interest to be on our map pleace send us an email.


This is how the app works

.Swiping left:

Over the picture profile mean that you are not interested, outside the profile picture will take you to your settings.


Once you are in settings you could change your preference and have fun with the results.


Upload pictures with your pet and describe how would you think how would it be the best date with pets.

.Swiping Right.:

Means that you are interested and maybe you'll get a match, swiping outside the profile picture will take you to your active friends (matches).

.Chat and PetDate.

After having a match you could chat with your new pal and find places around you guys to meet.


Here you would find pet friendly places where you can meet between you and your match.


We would love you to be a part of our pet friend world.

Download Pets & Dates

Get ready to be a part of a pet friendly world.

Locale pet friendly plan

Get petDate users know your pace, if you subscribe, your locale will be showed on our pet-friendly map with a description, logo and link to your web page, hundreds of pet friendly folks around you are looking for a pet friendly place right now.


$17 USD per month
  • One month payment of $17 Usd's
  • First month is free!


$10 USD per month
  • One annual payment of $120 Usd's
  • Fisrt year is free!


$15 USD per month
  • One biannual payment of $90 USD's.
  • First semester is free!

News letter

Get news about what is going on on our pet friendly world.

Owr team

We are proud of this app and hope you enjoy it.

team image

Roberto de la Garza

Founder, CEO y Developer

Loves dogs, he is social and always is looking new things to learn.

team image

Juan Pablo Pacheco

Co-Founder, CFO

He is passionate for numbers, stocks and dogs.

team image

Orly Navarro

Co-Founder, Partner

Perfectionist, love cats, she is caring and passionate for good couses.

team image

Juan Carlos Monteverde

Partner, IT

He is a very loving person that love his old dog, love to spend weekend climbing montains.




Happy Dates


Happy dogs


Happy cats


Your experience is our engine


Here you'll find advices for pet dates, pet caring and our rank of best pet friendly places.

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How to take care of your pal

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The way you take care of your pet is a reflection of your emmotioanl state.

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Top ten pet friendly places

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Top 10 friendly places. Guadalajara

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The wind and my dog

  • 20 Mayo 2021
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Have you wonder why your dog loves to take their head out of the car window?.

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